Our Work

!Khwa ttu, the San Culture & Education Centre
> www.khwattu.org: Thus far it is the principal project of the UBUNTU Foundation, which spent more than CHF 4 million between 1998 and 2010 on !Khwa ttu’s establishment and maintenance.  UBUNTU Foundation hopes to launch !Khwa ttu as a financially fullly independent institution in 2011.

Fair tourism: UBUNTU Foundation, in cooperation with tourism experts from Switzerland and Europe, aim to increase the number of visitors to !Khwa ttu dedicated to the principles of fair tourism, and who might assist other projects of the San people as well. In the meantime !khwattu has obtained the Soluth Afrikan label 'Fair trade in tourism'.

San Heritage Museum: Locating a San Heritage Museum at !Khwa ttu was part of the original conception.  Feasibility studies are currently underway.

Various activities: UBUNTU has given minor support to some activities in Southern Africa:
- Treesleeper Camp, Tsintsabis/Namibia: investment for improvement of touristic assets (2008 - 2010)
> www.treesleeper.org
- Kalahari Peoples Network, Botswana/Namibia/South Africa: improvement of mounting and running of webpage (2009/2010) > www.kalaharipeoples.net