Art print
"Dog chasing Eland" by Xgaiga Qhomatcã is available as art's card > email

UBUNTU - !Khwattu
The latest visit of an UBUNTU-representative to !Khwattu took place in February 2011. For more details > email

Visit !Khwattu
You can visit the San project !Khwattu in South Africa > more

Roger Chennells/Doris Schroeder/Rachel Wynberg (editors): Indigenous peoples, consent and benefit sharing. Lessons from the San-Hoodia case, Springer Science+Business Media 2009

Willemien LeRoux/Alison White (editors): Voices of the San: Living in Southern Africa Today, photos 32 x 24,8 x 2,8 cm, hardcover, Kwela Books, approx. 50 Euro

> Newsletter November 2007 (PDF 16 KB)