Following UBUNTU Foundation’s constitution, applications for grants must comply with the following criteria:

- Geographically: Initiating development projects in southern Africa in favor of the San and – only in particular cases – also for comparable projects in Africa and beyond Africa.
- Subject matter: Special interest in basic education for indigenous adolescents and adults (arts-and-crafts, fair tourism, nature protection, personal rights, health, administration, etc.), in conservation and revitalization of languages, repatriation of cultural goods and academic knowledge as well as in legal and academic support in cases of violation of human rights and expropriation.
- Grant seekers: Grants may be awarded to organizations, to support events and/or individuals.
- Procedure: Applications with detailed project description can be submitted to UBUNTU Foundation’s office. > contact

UBUNTU Foundation will not award grants if:

- Studies and research are without a direct and concrete benefit for an indigenous group
- Exhibitions, movies or publications do not make a direct reference to and/or generate significant revenues for an indigenous project.
- Nature conservation projects do not cause a direct sustainable benefit for local communities/employees.
- Projects pursue primarily religious and/or political goals.