Financial donations can be made as follows:

- Specific donations for the education of San trainees, for special projects at !Khwa ttu, or for other projects supported by UBUNTU Foundation. Our foundation will pass on such donations as specified by the donor, without any deductions on our part
- General donations for UBUNTU Foundation: The board will direct the donation in accordance with the foundation’s policy
- Contributions to the capital fund of UBUNTU Foundation: The interests from the capital fund are used to fulfill the foundation’s aims

Travelers visiting the !Khwa ttu San Culture & Education Center near Cape Town are welcome to support the San trainees and their children with donations in kind:

- Clothes, warm caps, women’s scarves and winter jackets
- Education material such as pens and pencils, scissors and paper, tools, flashlights , knitting wool, needles as well as vitamins and baby food
- Electronic equipment such as laptops (in working condition), calculators, walkmans or mobile phones

UBUNTU Foundation is a nonprofit foundation and therefore is tax exempted (Decree of the Department for Financial and Social Affairs Kanton Thurgau, dated November 17, 2008). Accordingly, donations to UBUNTU Foundation can be deducted from the income taxes in most cantons of Switzerland. 

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