UBUNTU Foundation, in accordance with Article 3 of its constitution, supports the rights of indigenous organizations and individuals to:
- cultural autonomy and protection of basic rights
- appropriate political representation
- ownership and use of their traditional territories and natural resources
UBUNTU Foundation furthermore acknowledges:
- Southern Africa as its geographical area of principal focus
- the establishment and management of !Khwa ttu, the San Culture & Education Centre near Cape Town, as its main project
- that the Foundation has no commercial self-interest


UBUNTU Foundation was founded by Swiss anthropologist Irene Staehelin and formally registered in the Canton of Schwyz (2001) and of Thurgau (2008), Switzerland.

Its initial aim was to underwrite the physical establishment and fiscal operations of !Khwa ttu, the San Culture & Education Centre near Cape Town.

The legal form of a Swiss non-profit foundation was chosen because it allows for tax exemptions, expert consultancy, strict financial control of all expenditures and the establishment of a Swiss postal and bank accounts to receive donations on behalf of the foundation.